Cadence Program Member

The role of the Electronics Development Group of the University of Chicago is to work with students and faculty members on cutting edge electronic design. The policy of the Electronics Development Group is to have graduate students design, route, layout, verify and test custom design chips (ASICS) and printed circuit boards under the supervision of electronics engineers. Along with students at the University of Chicago, students from other institutions and young scientists also are invited to use the facilities of the shop for their own designs.

EDG Cadence Software Notes

The following are our notes from working with Cadence Virtuoso and the IBM Design Kit. Cadence requires the following disclaimer:

Information is provided ‘as is’ without warranty of any kind. No statement is made and no attempt has been made to examine the information, either with respect to operability, origin, authorship, or otherwise. Please use this information at your own risk. We recommend using it on a copy of your data to be sure you understand with it does under your conditions. Keep your master intact until you are satisfied with the use of this information within your environment.

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