Electronics Design Group Team

Mircea Bogdan
Electronics Engineer

Email: mbogdan@uchicago.edu
Phone: 773 834 8483
Office: Young 308C


Raam Desani
Firmware Engineer

Email: desani@uchicago.edu
Phone: 773 795 3335
Office: Young 308A

Gabrielle Dye

Project Coordinator

Email: gdye@uchicago.edu
Phone: 773 702 7801
Office: Young 303


Mary Heintz
Manager/System Administrator

Email: mkheintz@uchicago.edu
Phone: 773 795 1134
Office: Young 306


Fukun Tang
Electronics Engineer

Email: ftang@uchicago.edu
Phone: 773 834 4286
Office: Young 308B


Maresa Wynd
Electronics Technician

Email: mwynd@uchicago.edu
Office: Young 311


Lin Zhou
Electronics Technician

Email: linz@uchicago.edu
Office: Young 311

Location + Contact

The Electronics Design Group is located on the third floor of the Young Memorial Building.

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